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Pululahua: Near Middle of the World

Pululahua: Near Middle of the World

Pululahua: Near Middle of the World

Pululahua: Near Middle of the World

Pululahua: Near Middle of the World


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Phone: Hostal Pululahua: 0999466636 / 0991914333, La Rinconada: (593 2) 2498880 / 0991733486
Hostal Pululahua: info@pululahuahostal.com, El Cráter: crateraventura@yahoo.com
Address: Manuel Córdova Galarza freeway, 10 minutes north from the Mitad del Mundo roundabout, on the way to Calacalí.

Few places are as spectacular as the Pululahua volcano and its crater.  Now dorment, it is perpetually covered in mist.  It is located in the 13,000 hectare Geobotanica Puluahua Reserve,  which is also home to thousands of plant species, and a variety of birds, mammals and insects. Pululahua has one of only two inhabited craters in the world.   You can view it either from the Pululahua viewpoint or drive via a car a few meters north.  Here you will be immersed in an ecosystem, rich in bromeliads, ferns, orchids,  with wildlife that includes squirrels, rabbits,  birds including  curiquingues . This is a breathtaking experience and highly recommended when visiting Quito.  To drive here , you can take the highway from the Middle of the World and it is 10 minutes north from the circle of the equator.


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Address: Av. Amazonas N79-39 (Bicentenario Convention Center), Phone: (593 2) 299-3300 al 30, ext.1018, Email: comunicacion@quito-turismo.gob.ec