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Address: By car: take the Calacalí–Nanegalito route towards Pacto and, later, the La Delicia-Mashpi gravel road. You can also take the Calacalí–La Independencia route for 104 kilometers (64.62 miles) and then make a right. Go straight until you reach the Mashpi and Pachijal towns.

Mashpi-Guaycuyacu- Saguangal water system and Archaeological Pachijal is a protected area, expanding over 33, 038 hectares of rainforest .  It is home to endangered species such as speckled bears, cougals, squirrels, toucans, armadillos, butterflies and orchids.    You can access the hiking or bike trails in two areas – Mashpi Covenant and Covenant Santa Rosa.  There is a gazebo, pergolas, seating and picnic areas, playgrounds and restrooms, making it a perfect area in the cloud forest for all ages.  Mashpi-Guaycuyacu- Sanguangal covers 17,156  hectares of rainfsorest and six communities with a population of 1200.  It is an ideal area for spotting 139 species of birds , 50 species of mammals ( six of which appear on the Red List of the IUCN) 35 species of amphibians and 82 species of vascular plants.  The Water System and Archaeological Pachijal covers 15, 881 hectares between the parishes of the Covenant and Nanegalito Gualea.  This large water reserve contains important remnants of rain forests and abundant archaeological remains of the pre-Columbian town of Yumbo.   Here you will find eight communities, with a population of 1735, 115 species of bird, 17 species of amphibians, 13 species of reptiles and 42 species of  mammals  ( four of which are identified as threatened by the IUCN)


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